Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ancient Call

by Hugh Lipsius

In the life of every son of a righteous GOD there comes a time when he finally hears his Fathers dreams calling him across the years.

Almost frightened as he looks ahead into the darkness, with no shape or form, he stops and takes a moment to listen. He turns his ear to the distant past, to that familiar voice, soothing in its content. He knows this time is good and so he stops all that he is doing to hear carefully, and with intent of obeying what he hears. He considers thoughtfully, giving attention to lessons long forgotten in a world that rushes past them. He sees past any pain.

For some, this happens early in life. For others, only after they have tired of chasing dreams and misguided notions, forever elusive. It's at that moment when he begins to understand what his own past was meant for; when rage and frustration have run their course.

As he heeds this call of his Father across the years, only then can the future be viewed as it is meant to be seen, in all its brightness and truth.

When he drops, spent, to his knees, only then does the Father's dream become the son's.

He sees the ancient landmark set for his soul and asks, "Who am I to remove the stone?" And answers himself, "I am only a portion of that dream, to one day call across the years to my own son in hope, that he too may hear. And so, he smashes himself upon it to become a part of what it is.


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